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Space Saving Solutions for Your Garage

If you’re like many people, you might find it difficult to keep your garage organized and looking tidy. Whereas a garage once served only as a place to park a car, today’s garages are much more multi-functional, providing extra storage or workshop space. At Bay Home & Window, we specialize in creating custom home organization systems in the Bay Area. In addition to getting rid of old or unnecessary items taking up valuable space, we suggest adding a built-in closet or organizational system. Systems like these can do wonders to transforming your garage into a usable and aesthetically pleasing space.

It’s common for people to have so much clutter in their garage that they do not have space to park their car. Let us help you find a better alternative by creating a beautiful functional space in your home garage. For more information about our garage solutions, call Bay Home & Window at (888) 766-5919. We offer competitive prices and free design consultations.

A Look at Plantation Shutter Materials

At Bay Home & Window, we specialize in supplying beautiful plantation shutters to the San Francisco Bay Area. Plantation shutters are custom-fit window coverings that attach directly to the window frame. We are proud to offer four beautiful and high-performance material options to choose from.

WindWood™ plantation shutters are made of commercial grade materials and are perfect for large openings and high traffic environments. The PolyTherm-R™ is a non-wood shutter with a beautiful natural appearance that is rigid enough for large openings and heavy use. Sun Wood™ plantation shutters have an outstanding price point and are available in many beautiful stains and colors. And lastly, WoodCore™ plantation shutters are made of a strong reinforced-core vinyl and are excellent for wide windows.

At Bay Home & Window, we have been offering Bay Area residents free design consultations, competitive price points, and free shutter installation for two decades. To learn more about our plantation shutter options, give us a call at (800) 701-4555.

Essential Tips for Organizing Your Home

If you’re like many people, you might find it difficult to keep your home organized. However, creating a functional space doesn’t have to be as challenging as you might think. At Bay Home & Window, we want to help you achieve your home organizing goals this year. Check out these tips for achieving a practical and organized home.

Find a Place for Everything

In the most functional of homes, everything has a place. This means that specific areas are dedicated for particular items. For example, a simple key rack placed by the front door can eliminate the frustration of constantly misplacing your car keys. Other ideas are to always keep shoes in pairs by the front door and to designate a basket for winter hats and gloves.

Keep Flat Surfaces Clean and Functional

One of the most common organizational issues involves the over-cluttering of flat surfaces such as tables, desks, and nightstands. This creates a busy and disorganized feel to your home, and can add to your frustration when you can’t find a flat surface to write a letter or pay a bill. Allowing your flat surfaces to pile high with mail or other items can create a domino effect of clutter, causing your valiant organizational efforts to be forgotten all together.

Organize Your Office

The home office is essential for storing technology and organizing important paperwork. Unfortunately, this space can quickly become cluttered and unusable. Because it’s important to maintain enough clear desk space to work, it’s best to keep papers stored in file cabinets or in drawers below your desk. You might also consider investing in a system to keep your cords from tangling.

Make Use of Hidden Storage

Your bed is often one of the most over-looked storage opportunities. If your bed frame is at least a foot above the floor, it’s a great idea to invest in rolling storage bins that fit nicely in the space beneath your mattress. This is a perfect space to store out-of-season clothing or items that do not get used often.

At Bay Home & Window, we assist Bay area residents in achieving organized homes. Our home organization systems, built-in furniture, and home office systems are both practical and beautiful. Call us at (925) 264-6751 for more information about our services.

Tips for Organizing your Children's Closet

When you are organizing a closet for a child, there are some important things to keep in mind. Most importantly, you will want to organize the space based on your child’s height. Even the most beautiful built-in shelving unit won’t be of use if your child cannot reach the items on the shelves. In addition to investing in a closet unit that promotes easy organization, it’s also important to remove any clothes or shoes that your child does not wear. Getting rid of unused items is a great way to save space and to keep the focus on the essential items. Check out this video for more tips on how to create a child-friendly custom closet.

At Bay Home & Window, we specialize in creating custom closet systems. Give us a call at (925) 264-6751 for more information about our home organization systems, custom closets, and built-in furniture options.

An Overview of the Most Popular Types of Closets

If you’re considering revamping your closet space, there are a few options to consider. At Bay Home & Window, we understand the importance of finding the perfect organizational system for you. Here’s an overview of the most popular types of closets available today:

Reach-In Closets

These types of closets are perfect for hallways, bathrooms, and rooms that are smaller in size. They are typically limited in square footage and feature a bar for storing clothes on hangers. These days, there are many organizational products that can help maximize the practicality and capacity of a standard reach-in closet. Some examples are stacking cube organizers, drawer units, and organizational units for shoes or ties that hang over the door.

Walk-In Closets

There are many size and design options for walk-in closets. Walk-in closets can be outfitted with hanging bars, drawers, or even seating and mirror options. Before you build, it’s important to consider the function that your walk-in closet will provide. Some people use their walk-in closets to store a variety of items, including extra bedding, laundry baskets, or children’s toys, while others use their walk-in closets exclusively for clothing and maybe even as a dressing room.

Armoires and Wardrobes

If you’re not ready to construct a brand new closet, a wardrobe or armoire might be right for you. In a room with underutilized corner space, wardrobes can be designed to fit within that space. Armoires are free-standing closets that are perfect for children’s clothing. A big bonus for armoires is that they are incredibly easy to customize in order to match the style of your room. A vintage armoire provides a warm old-world feel and a modern armoire can give a stylish minimalist look to any space.

At Bay Home & Window, we want to help you build the closet of your dreams. Our talented professionals specialize in home organization systems and custom closet design. If you’re ready to begin discussing your closet options, give us a call at (925) 264-6751.

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