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The Advantages of a Home-Business Business

If you dream of swapping your dress shoes and ties for your favorite sweats and your usual traffic jam for a commute down the hall, then running a home-based business could be right for you. Working from home isn’t a fantasy that has to be out of your reach. In fact, there are many benefits to running a business from home you won’t find in any corporate office space. The key is using home organization systems that make your workspace as efficient as possible. Here are some of the ways running a home-based business can work for you.

Boost Your Earning Potential

When you run a business out of your house, you dramatically cut your overhead costs. Instead of paying rent on an outside office every month and all of the expenses associated with commuting and maintaining your office, the money you make can go directly into your pocket or get reinvested back into your business. You may be surprised how much money you save when you make your lunch at home, don’t stop to buy a latte every morning, and don’t have to constantly fill up your car.

Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

When you work from home, your business operates on your schedule, not the other way around. This means that you can take time to have lunch with your spouse, take a few days off for a trip with friends, and otherwise enjoy the things you want to do without worrying about vacation time or missing big meetings. Having a better balance between your work and your life can actually make you more productive.

Enjoy Better Opportunities

You don’t have to get in line for promotions or wonder about trying a new type of work when you have a home-based business. The only limits on your opportunities are the ones you decide to set, so you can advance as far in your industry as you choose.

Bay Home & Window is here to make your home-based business dreams a reality with a range of home organization systems for your home office needs. Learn more about organization systems in the Bay Area and schedule a free in-home design consultation by calling (800) 701-4555.

How to Make the Most of Your Closet Space

It seems like no matter how big closets are, they just aren’t big enough. In reality, the problem may not be the actual amount of space you have but rather how you are using it. Watch this video for some helpful closet organization tips.

To reclaim control of your closets, start with organization furniture. Closet organization systems designed to your specifications will help you keep your closets in order while storing even more things. A custom closet system lets you maximize your space without building bigger closets.

Let Bay Home & Window help you choose closet organization systems in the Bay Area that make your home more functional in a few simple steps. Speak to a home design expert today by calling (800) 701-4555.

Tackling a Garage Organization Project

If you’re like most people, your garage is the place where things go when you’re not sure where else to put them. Over time, that neat stack of mismatched items can become an overwhelming pile of stuff that is eating up your space and making it hard to find the things you actually need. Fortunately, organizing your garage doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. All you need are home organization systems that work for your garage and a plan for getting the job done. Get ready for your garage organization project with these tips.

Sort Your Belongings

There is no need to find places for things you don’t want or need, so start by figuring out what exactly is in your garage now and what you don’t need. Group all of the items into categories, like tools and camping gear, to get a better idea of what you really have. Grouping things as you sort will also make it easier to organize things later. If you find items you don’t want to keep, get rid of them before you begin putting anything away.

Determine a Layout

Once you see what you plan to keep in your garage, you can decide on the best layout for the space. After leaving room for your cars, decide how things will be used to determine where to place them. For instance, you may want to keep a recycling bin near the door so it is easy to toss things in from inside the home. Put things you don’t use often on high and low shelves so you can keep things you use often within easy reach.

Work with an Expert

Most garages can benefit from additional storage and thoughtful organization systems, so let an expert help you make the space more functional. An in-home design expert can help you choose the right shelving and other organizational systems to maximize your space.

Let Bay Home & Window help you tame your out-of-control garage with our home organization systems in the Bay Area. Get more information today by calling (800) 701-4555. We offer free in-home consultations and can help you find the right garage solutions for your need.

Decluttering Your Entertainment Area

Has your home entertainment area turned into a chaotic mess? As home entertainment areas are typically used by the whole family, it’s not uncommon to need to store toys, DVDs, books, and electronics nearby. However, these items often end up in a giant, unorganized mess in family game rooms. That’s why home organization systems offer built-in solutions for your family’s storage needs. These organization systems ensure that everything has a place in your family’s entertainment area.

In order to declutter your entertainment area, start by disconnecting all cables and electronics; then, clean the individual items. Next, group items by type. When it comes to cables, try to shorten them using cable ties, and connect cables in similar locations to a power strip or power brick. Place items that your children use frequently, like tablets or DVDs, in an easy-to-access location, such as a built-in storage system beneath the coffee table.

If your entertainment area is a mess, consider decluttering it with a home organization system. For Bay Area home organization systems, contact Bay Home and Window at (800) 701-4555 today.

Plantation Shutters: The Versatile Choice

Are you thinking about getting rid of your outdated curtains and updating your windows with plantation shutters? Plantation shutters are a versatile choice that allow you to control the amount of natural light in your home to increase your comfort and decrease your energy bills. Plus, they give a unique look to your home that is great if you think your décor needs a facelift. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of choosing plantation shutters.

Natural Look, Less Heat

You probably know that blocking sunlight from your home can reduce your home’s temperature in the summer, thus reducing your monthly energy expenditures. However, heavy curtains and blinds often block too much light, creating a closed-in feel that is uncomfortable. With interior shutters, you can let in just enough natural light to enjoy the day, while keeping out unwanted heat. If you don’t use air conditioning on certain days but still want to keep the house cool, you can use shutters with open windows to allow a natural breeze to filtrate through the house without excess sunshine coming in.

Easy Maintenance

You may know from past experience that curtains are bulky and difficult to clean. They trap dirt and dust, thus requiring heavy washing and drying, a process that can up your energy bills in itself. In contrast, plantation shutters are easy to clean as part of your regular cleaning routine. All you need is a dust brush and a bit of polish or soap and water, depending on what your shutters are composed of. Just wipe the shutters clean of any trapped dust particles, and they’ll be fresh and ready to continue doing their job.

Are you looking for plantation shutters in the Bay Area? Bay Home and Window is the leader in plantation shutter supply for Northern California homes. Whether you’re interested in our various types of plantation shutters or you’re thinking about installing new organization systems in your home, call us today at (800) 701-4555.

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