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Spotlight on Custom Closets

Custom closet Bay Area

If you are tired of rummaging through overfilled or messy closets, a custom closet organization system may provide the perfect solution. Custom closets can help to keep your clothes in good condition. They can ease the pressures of your daily routine by making it easier to find the outfits you need. At Bay Home and Window, we specialize in closet organization systems and can help you to design your ideal closet.

Whether you are looking for a conventional reach-in closet or a more luxurious walk-in closet, we have a wide range of design solutions to meet your needs. We can convert any closet in your home into a custom closet. Our closets incorporate drawers, cabinets, and hanging units specially designed to fit your space. Our custom furniture will allow you to sort and arrange your garments efficiently. We provide special organization systems for clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, ties, scarves, and other items.

To discover more about our Bay Area closet organization systems, visit our website or call us at (800) 701-4555. Let us help you achieve a better organized home.

Storage Ideas for Smaller Closets

Small closet bay areaIt can be challenging to fit all of your clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories into a small closet. When space is at a premium, it's particularly important to keep your closet well organized. You need ready access to items which you wear regularly, and everything should be easy to locate. Luckily, there are a number of creative solutions which can help you make the most of your small closet.

Clothing Rods and Hooks

You can install an extender rod in your closet, to create more space to hang clothes. If your closet is awkwardly shaped, extra hanging rods can be used to exploit small areas of wall space, and provide additional real estate for dresses, shirts, and other garments which need to be hung up. You can also try attaching hooks to the closet walls or to the inside of the closet door. These hooks can be used to hang clothes, jewelry, belts, purses, and scarves.

Shelf Dividers and Under-Shelf Brackets

Shelf dividers are an easy way of keeping piles of clothes neatly separated from each other. They can be used to divide your clothes by category: for example, into stacks of T-shirts, sweaters, or polo shirts. Under-shelf brackets are small baskets which fit beneath your shelves to provide extra storage for smaller clothing items.

High Shelves and Suitcases

Take advantage of those high, hard-to-reach areas of your closet, such as the space above the door. You can fit a shelf or hooks high on the wall to create a place to store luggage. For extra space-saving efficiency, fill your suitcases with items which are not in current use, such as heavy winter clothes in summer.

Bay Home & Window is a leading provider of Bay Area closet organization systems. Call us at (800) 701-4555 to learn more about our custom-made closet solutions. We can help you find the best ways to make efficient use of the closet space in your home.

Tips for Planning a New Closet Installation

Custom closet Bay AReaThe closet does not have to be a disorganized or cramped space. In fact, the closet can be one of the best rooms in your house with a custom closet design in the Bay Area. To learn more about planning your new closet installation so that clothes and other items are easy to find, read on.

Closet Organization

Before you plan a new closet installation, go through your closet belongings and donate or sell whatever you do not want to keep. Now that you know what you want to store in your new closet, you will need a storage solution that organizes your belongings according to how frequently you use them.

Assess Your Budget

There are many different custom closet systems, each with its own price point. A reach-in closet is going to cost less than a walk-in closet. And adding organization furniture or built-in organization to your current closet will cost less than any new closet installation. That said, a new closet installation is an investment that can improve the resale value of your home.

Display Your Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Some closet organization systems display your belongings to make the closet more colorful and your items more accessible. A tie rack can display men’s ties or women’s necklaces. Adjustable dividers for your shelves or cubbies can be a great way to put your bags, briefcases, purses, or shoes on display.

Layout and Measurements

Do you want a hamper in your closet? A pullout hamper with a removable liner makes it easy to carry your laundry while keeping dirty clothes in one place. Some people love having a place to sit in the closet; not only is this great for putting on shoes, but it also gives other people a place to sit while you’re getting ready. Keep in mind that closed closets should be at least 24 inches deep to allow the clothes to clear the back wall.

For the best in custom closet systems, call Bay Home & Window at (888) 731-9451. We can help you assess your closet needs and design the perfect closet for you.

The Essentials of Closet Organization

Organizing your closet can add vibrancy to your room while making it easier to get ready in the morning. To learn about the process of cleaning out your closet, watch this video clip. And for custom closet design in the Bay Area, contact Bay Home & Window.

First, take all of your belongings out and place them on a flat, clean surface. Separate winter clothes from your summer clothes, as well as clothes you want to keep and clothes you want to donate. Put out-of-season items deeper into the closet, and items you wear more frequently towards the front.

At Bay Home & Window, we specialize in building and renovating custom closets. We also offer built-in organization and organization furniture. Call us at (888) 766-5919 for more information.

Reasons to Work With Bay Home & Window

Bay home and window bay areaBased in Pleasanton, California, Bay Home & Window provides design and installation of custom closets and home organization systems in the Bay Area. Keep reading to find out why you should work with Bay Home & Window.

With more than 20 years of experience, Bay Home & Window prides itself on offering the best customer service. Bay Home & Window has received the Honor Roll Award from the Better Business Bureau for the last 11 years, and we have installed products in more than 20,000 homes throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. Bay Home & Window is committed to offering prices well below that of retail outlets and custom furniture shops. We offer leading brands such as WindWood, PolyTherm-R, Woodcore, and Sun Wood. Bay Home & Window also offers ORG Custom Home Organization Solutions, widely considered to be among the top producers of organization furniture. For more information, call Bay Home & Window at (888) 731-9451.
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