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    Tips for Tackling Your Clutter

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Clutter is not an uncommon problem, but it is one that seems to drive most people to the point of insanity. Sometimes it can seem like, no matter how hard you try to control your clutter, no amount of tips or custom closet systems stand up to the task. The trouble could be that you’re only using half the solution; you need both the tips and the custom closet systems, along with just a little bit of motivation, to get the job done:

    Stop Defeating Yourself—Looking at your clutter and proclaiming that it’s hopeless before you even begin is setting yourself up to fail. Take a positive approach to the task, with full hope and confidence that things will look and feel so much better when you’re done!

    Release Sentimental Obstacles—You are not required to hold on to that ugly, worn out, non-functional item that you can’t stand just because it was your great-great aunt Sally’s or someone gave it to you. If it doesn’t have a purpose in your home, and no one else in the family wants it, allow yourself to release it without any guilt.

    Let Go of the Notion of “One Day”—Sure, one day twenty five years from now you might find a use for something, but does that possibility really warrant holding on to the item for that long? Yes, it’s possible that you could throw out a miscellaneous item only to need it in a few weeks, but be honest with yourself…how often does that really happen? Moreover, is the price of replacing an item when you do actually need it more than the price of living in clutter?

    At Bay Home & Window, we offer the closet organization systems and custom designs you need to corral and tame your clutter in the San Francisco area. When you invest in one of our custom closest systems and apply the tips above, you’re virtually guaranteed to finally get the organized, orderly home you so crave. Visit us online or give us a call at (925) 401-3951 to learn more!

    Benefits of Organizing Your Closet

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Your closet can hold some of your most personal and treasured items, so why not honor them by finally cleaning and organizing it? Once you do this, you can even purchase a closet organization system that will prevent it from ever being cluttered again. Having an orderly closet comes with many benefits.

    Eliminating Outdated & Unnecessary Items

    When you initially clean out your closet, you are bound to come across clothes you haven’t worn or items you haven’t used in a long time. Removing them leaves space for newer items. Letting go of the pieces that you do not use is a great way to feel refreshed.

    Helping Out Others

    Now that you ruled out what you do not use, the question is what to do with those items. One great option is to have a yard sale. Some people may be able to put to good use the items that you do not use anymore. In addition, dropping old clothes off at a charity is a fantastic way to help those in need.

    Making Better Use of Space

    After you clean out all unwanted clothes and clutter, there is a good chance you will have plenty of extra space. You can add in newer items, and redesign how it is organized. It can be helpful if you visually map out how you want your closet to look. One tip is to keep all frequently used items in the front, and put items used left often in the back. This will ensure your belongings are easy to locate. Finally, you can purchase a closet organization system that will help make sure your closet is always in order.

    Do you need help transforming your space? Bay Home and Window offers custom closet design, organization systems, and more to keep your home in order. For more information, call us at (925) 401-3951. Located in Pleasanton, California, we service San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

    Linen Closet Cleanup

    Last updated 25 days ago

    The linen closet is one of the areas in the house that typically gets cluttered easily. Blankets, towels, and toiletries all get jumbled together in a rush to put them away. Having it organized nicely can lead to less headaches next time you have to find something you need.

    One of the best ways to organize your linen closet is to divide it up by rooms in your house. For example, put everything associated with the master bathroom in one basket, while sheets for your bedroom go in a different basket. Protecting spare blankets with vacuum-sealed bags protects them from dust, and makes it easy for you to store them. Watch this informative video for more great tips.

    Bay Home and Window can help you organize your linen closet. We proudly serve the San Francisco Bay area with custom closet designs, organizational systems, and much more. Call us today at (925) 401-3951 for more information.

    Comparing Wood and Vinyl Plantation Shutters

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Wood and vinyl plantation shutters differ from one another in many ways, and one might be better than the other depending on the scenario. For instance, if you are looking for very strong plantation shutters that will cover a large area, wood shutters are your best bet. Vinyl shutters cannot be manufactured larger than 29 inches long. Even ones smaller than that may still need a divider rail that may take away from the desired aesthetic. When it comes to color and finish, wood has more options. It can be painted or stained, and there are many different kinds of woods. Vinyl finishes can vary drastically, and usually do not have the traditional feel that a lot of people desire. However, vinyl shutters are easier to maintain. They are less prone to moisture damage and harm from insects. In addition, they are less expensive than wood shutters, sometimes costing 10-30% less.

    Interested in installing plantation shutters in your home? Call Bay Home and Window today at (925) 401-3951 for a free in-home consultation. We serve San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

    How to Declutter Your Linen Closet

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Having a clean home can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to have guests over. One of the hidden areas that most people do not take the time to clean very often is the linen closet. It is the epicenter of all clutter that gets swept up in a rush to clean the house. Taking the time to declutter it will help keep your quality linens in good shape, and make you feel more organized.

    Take Out Everything That Does Not Belong

    Pick a day that is not too hot, and when you have an hour or two of free time. This will make sure you are comfortable and not feeling rushed. The first step is to take out all of the clutter that does not belong in the linen closet, and sort these items into all of the appropriate boxes, donate them, or throw them away.

    Take Out All of the Linens

    The next step is to take out all of the linens, and set them aside somewhere close by. In order to not put unwanted strain on your lower back, it is recommended that you put them on a nearby surface high enough, so you do not have to bend down. While you are taking out all of the linen, throw away towels, bed sheets, tablecloths, or any other items that are ripped or stained beyond repair. This will keep the closet space for only your best linens, and leave room for the ones you buy in the future.

    Wipe Down the Closet and Put Everything Back

    Finally, wiping down all surfaces of the closet will make sure the linens you put back are free of dust and other unwanted grime. The very last step is to place all the linens you set aside back in the closet in an organized manner, ready to use whenever you need them.

    Serving the San Francisco area, Bay Home and Window specializes in keeping your home organized and looking good by offering closet organization systems, custom closet design, and much more. Give us a call today at (925) 401-3951.

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