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    Comparing Wood and Vinyl Plantation Shutters

    Last updated 6 hours 37 minutes ago

    Wood and vinyl plantation shutters differ from one another in many ways, and one might be better than the other depending on the scenario. For instance, if you are looking for very strong plantation shutters that will cover a large area, wood shutters are your best bet. Vinyl shutters cannot be manufactured larger than 29 inches long. Even ones smaller than that may still need a divider rail that may take away from the desired aesthetic. When it comes to color and finish, wood has more options. It can be painted or stained, and there are many different kinds of woods. Vinyl finishes can vary drastically, and usually do not have the traditional feel that a lot of people desire. However, vinyl shutters are easier to maintain. They are less prone to moisture damage and harm from insects. In addition, they are less expensive than wood shutters, sometimes costing 10-30% less.

    Interested in installing plantation shutters in your home? Call Bay Home and Window today at (925) 401-3951 for a free in-home consultation. We serve San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

    How to Declutter Your Linen Closet

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Having a clean home can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to have guests over. One of the hidden areas that most people do not take the time to clean very often is the linen closet. It is the epicenter of all clutter that gets swept up in a rush to clean the house. Taking the time to declutter it will help keep your quality linens in good shape, and make you feel more organized.

    Take Out Everything That Does Not Belong

    Pick a day that is not too hot, and when you have an hour or two of free time. This will make sure you are comfortable and not feeling rushed. The first step is to take out all of the clutter that does not belong in the linen closet, and sort these items into all of the appropriate boxes, donate them, or throw them away.

    Take Out All of the Linens

    The next step is to take out all of the linens, and set them aside somewhere close by. In order to not put unwanted strain on your lower back, it is recommended that you put them on a nearby surface high enough, so you do not have to bend down. While you are taking out all of the linen, throw away towels, bed sheets, tablecloths, or any other items that are ripped or stained beyond repair. This will keep the closet space for only your best linens, and leave room for the ones you buy in the future.

    Wipe Down the Closet and Put Everything Back

    Finally, wiping down all surfaces of the closet will make sure the linens you put back are free of dust and other unwanted grime. The very last step is to place all the linens you set aside back in the closet in an organized manner, ready to use whenever you need them.

    Serving the San Francisco area, Bay Home and Window specializes in keeping your home organized and looking good by offering closet organization systems, custom closet design, and much more. Give us a call today at (925) 401-3951.

    Organizing a Walk-In Closet

    Last updated 15 days ago

    When searching for a home in San Francisco, few home design and layout features are as exciting as the walk-in closet. Just because you have a spacious closet that can fit you and your clothes and clothing accessories does not mean, however, that you can skimp on the consolidation and organization of your wardrobe wares.

    The ideal walk-in closet has rods for hanging clothes; shelves for folded clothes, shoes, and various accessories; and drawers or covered containers for storing everything else. If you do not like the way your walk-in closet is arranged when you move into a home, do not resign yourself to simply making do with what you’ve got. Instead, make the best use of the closet space you have with a custom designed closet organization system.

    Proudly serving the San Francisco area, Bay Home and Window designs custom closet systems that can help you maximize the utility you derive from your walk-in and wall closets alike. To speak with a member of our team about our space-maximizing organization systems, call (925) 401-3951.

    Top Causes of an Unorganized Home

    Last updated 20 days ago

    With a busy schedule and children who seem intent on undoing any tidying up you do as soon as it is done, keeping your San Francisco home organized can be a challenge. How is it, you may wonder, that others with just as many responsibilities as you have seem to be able to stay on top of organizing their home? To determine whether your situation is an anomaly or your home’s lack of organization is due to one of several problems that afflict much of the population, read up on a few common causes of unorganized homes.


    The popular A&E documentary series Hoarders has brought this complex and fairly common disorder to the fore. If you save things that you know most people would throw out because you think they could be useful to you at some time in the future and you now have a stash of belongings that makes you embarrassed to invite people into your home, you may be a hoarder. While you should seek professional help if you feel that your hoarding tendencies interfere with your quality of life, many hoarders simply need the help of a professional organizer to show them what they should be keeping and what they should be letting go.

    Lack of Organizational Skills

    Organization is a skill that can be learned. If you have never been instructed in the art of organization, hire a professional organizer to show you the ropes and set you down the right path.

    Improper Organizational Infrastructure

    Everything you keep in your home should have its own designated space. If this is not the case, it could be because you do not have the desk and closet organization systems that can help you make this a reality.

    Proudly serving the San Francisco area, Bay Home & Window carries organization systems for closets and home offices that make keeping your home organized a breeze. If you find it difficult to stay organized because you do not have designated storage space for everything in your home, check out our inventory online or call (925) 401-3951. We can also connect you with reputable professional organizers who can help you get organized in the first place.

    Layering Drapes with Your Window Shutters

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When selecting window treatments for your San Francisco home or office, there is no reason for you to have to choose between shutters and drapes. Interior design professionals opt to layer treatments more often than not to maximize design impact and functionality. For tips on treating your windows using both shutters and drapes like the pros, check out this brief video.

    Professional designer Brian Patrick Flynn offers advice on dressing your windows up without overdoing it. He recommends using plantation shutters as the first layer to give you maximum control over privacy and the volume of light that streams in from outside. The drapes you choose should complement your shutters and the rest of the decor in the room.

    Serving the San Francisco area, Bay Home & Window carries the best natural wood and synthetic plantation shutters on the market. To learn about our WindWood™, PolyTherm-R™, Sun Wood™, and Woodcore™ plantation shutters or see them in person, call (925) 401-3951 or visit us at your convenience.

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