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Plantation Shutter Maintenance Basics

After your plantation shutters have been installed, it is very important to maintain them. Plantation shutters can keep your energy costs low and beautify your home, but only if they are regularly cleaned and free of dust. Continue reading for some of the basics in plantation shutter maintenance.

  • Dust your shutters every week with a clean dusting cloth. This will keep allergens out of your home, and it will keep your shutters from degrading faster over the years.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down your shutters about once a month or when stains occur. If your interior shutters are installed in the kitchen or bathroom, they are likelier to encounter water splashes and stains; wipe them down to reduce any grime buildup.
  • Open and close your shutters properly. Lightly pull on one of the slats to move the entire shutter up and down. If there is a cord or rod, then be gentle while pulling.

Whether you are looking for new plantation shutters near the Bay Area, or you already have them, call Bay Home & Window for maintenance questions at (800) 701-4555. We are happy to help you have beautiful shutters inside and outside your home.

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Shutters?

There are many ways to reduce the amount of energy your home uses, and thus reduce your impact on the environment. Installing shutters inside and outside your home is a great way to keep your energy costs low and reduce the amount of emissions produced by using your heating and cooling appliances. Let’s take a closer look at the environmental benefits you will find after installing shutters.

Increased Insulation

Increased insulation around the house is one of the best ways to keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. By insulating your home—using plantation shutters—your home will have more effective layers of protection against outside air coming in and inside air leaking out. You can increase your insulation efforts by adding designated insulation in your attic, crawlspace, and interior walls. However, adding exterior and interior shutters to your windows and doors will also significantly increase your insulation.

Reduced Heat Gain

Summers are one of the main reasons you might consider adding shutters around your home. Your home can gain a significant amount of heat and light from the sun, which means your air conditioner will run more frequently and you will spend more money in energy costs. By installing exterior and interior shutters around your home, you can reduce the amount of heat gain that your home experiences. This will save you energy costs and reduce the sunlight in your home.

Reduced Heat Loss

Once the weather becomes cooler, you do not want to lose any amount of heat that your house gains throughout the day. Your shutters will reduce the heat that can be lost through your windows. Shutters create an extra layer of insulation, which keeps your home warmer during the winter and saves you money on heating costs.

If you wish to save money, then call Bay Home & Window to learn more about exterior and interior shutters in the Bay Area. We specialize in many home improvements, including organization systems, shutters, and custom entertainment centers. We are available for your call at (800) 701-4555.

Organizing Your Home Office Desk

Whether you work from your home office or elsewhere, chances are that your desk could use some organization. By installing a home organization system in your home office, you can increase your productivity and creativity to produce better work. Watch the video for simple ways to organize your home office desk.

Throw away outdated paperwork and file important information. Check your pens, markers, and office tools to ensure they work properly. Recycle any items that no longer work. Use your home organization system at the end of every day to keep your office desk clean and organized for future use.

When you work with Bay Home & Window, you will find more than just home organization systems in the Bay Area. We want to know more about you and how best our organization systems can help you. Our phone number is (800) 701-4555, so call to set up your free consultation today.

Increasing Space in Your Home with Built-In Storage Solutions

When you start feeling crowded in your own home, then you may wish to consider built-in storage solutions. By organizing your closets, entertainment centers, and garage, you will have access to more items around the house, and you will have more room to move around. Here are some built-in solutions for your home:

Combine Entertainment Technology

Does your home have multiple televisions, complete with stereos, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles? If you have these areas of entertainment around your house, then you may also have several cords and remote controls taking up even more space. With a custom entertainment center built into your home, you will free up several feet of space. You can also take advantage of entertainment centers that blend in with your current décor; you will never have to be embarrassed by a cluttered entertainment center when guests arrive.

Clear Cluttered Garages

Over time, garages tend to become a storage area, rather than a place to protect vehicles. All of your family’s extra furniture, boxes, and hobby supplies will usually end up in haphazard piles strewn about your garage. Instead of letting these areas collect dust and bugs, install built-in garage solutions to better store and protect your rarely-used items. Once your cluttered garage is organized and cleared of unneeded items, you can use it for vehicle storage and so much more.

Increase Closet Space

If your closets have become a resting place for careless piles of shoes, clothes, and accessories, then you need custom closet organization systems. These systems will help to organize all parts of your closet, including shoes, delicate clothing accessories, and even jewelry. No matter what is in your closet, you can organize it and create more closet space with the help of closet organization.

Bay Home & Window is the place to call when you need to increase space and organization in your home. With our Bay Area built-in furniture, you will have more space inside and outside your home. Please call us at (800) 701-4555 to learn more about our custom organization systems and how we can help you.

How to Reclaim Your Garage from Your Clutter

If you have noticed you can’t park your car in your garage due to the clutter, then it is time to look into a home organization system. Garages are meant to hold your vehicles, but they are now used for storage of all kinds. Instead of purchasing an unsightly shack for the backyard, look to a custom organization system to reclaim your garage.

With a garage and home organization system in place, your individual storage needs will be easily met. If you need a special area to do projects or store gardening tools—in addition to storing other types of household clutter—a professional home organization system will do the trick. With a custom organization system, your garage will be clean, open, and decluttered for your benefit.

When you start looking for Bay Area organization systems, you know to call Bay Home & Window. We specialize in all types of organization systems, including those for garages, bedrooms, and every other area of the house. Please visit our website or call us at (800) 701-4555 to learn more.

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