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Maximizing the Space in Your Home Office

The benefits that you gain by staying organized can apply to any area of your home, but may be particularly pronounced when it comes to your home office. If you have a work area in your home, then having sufficient space to keep your materials organized and neat is essential. For this reason, using built-in furniture to create a home organization system is key.

You may think of your home office as a small space with little room to work with but, using built-in furniture, you can get more out of the square footage by turning your walls into storage areas. Also, your current desk setup may be taking up more space than is necessary. By incorporating a workstation into the corner of your built-in organization system, you can increase the amount of usable area in the room.

Are you looking for ways to maximize the space in your home office? If so, then contact Bay Home & Window today by calling (800) 701-4555. We provide expert installation of home office organization systems in the Bay Area.

Tips for Choosing Shutters for Your Doors

Are you thinking of enhancing the appearance of your home by installing shutters over your doors? If so, then use these tips to decide which type of shutter is right for your home:


As you begin the selection process for your new door shutters, a good place to start is with the material. You will find that quality shutters are available in a range of materials, with natural wood and synthetics being two of the most popular choices. Keep in mind that natural wood shutters are often lighter in weight, long-lasting, and solid in structure, while synthetic options tend to be waterproof, faster to build, and more cost-effective.


The color of your shutters will make a big impact on their overall appearance. Many homeowners choose to match their shutters to the door frame. By doing this, they can create an impressive, structured appearance. Although pairing like colors for the door frame and shutters is a popular option, you can design something more dynamic by choosing a color that contrasts the frame, but matches your furniture or flooring. Also, if you have cabinetry or other shutters that share the same room, then consider matching the color of your door shutters with these features.


Finally, you will need to select a style for your shutters. The design that you choose will have an impact on both the function and appearance of your door shutters. Most shutters come in either a louvered or paneled design. When it comes to shutters for doors, however, they are usually a movable louvered design, which allows their panels to be opened so you can see outside or let natural light into the room. Plantation shutters feature wider slats than traditional shutters, and they are a popular choice for door shutters due to their beautiful structure.

Bay Home & Window offers high-quality doors and plantation shutters in the Bay Area. To learn more about interior shutters or to schedule your free consultation, please call us at (800) 701-4555.

Signs You Could Benefit from a Closet Organization System

If your home has built-in furniture, then you probably realize how convenient this feature can be when it comes to organizing your belongings. Why not allow your closets to benefit in the same way? Watch for the following signs that indicate you could benefit from a built-in closet organization system:

Your closets appear cluttered and messy.

While an untidy closet is an obvious sign that some organization is needed, if there isn’t a place for every item after you’ve cleaned up and decluttered the space, then it may be time to consider an organization system. When all of your closet belongings have a spot dedicated for their storage, it will be far easier to find what you need each day and to prevent the area from getting messy.

You have no place to store your seasonal items.

One underutilized method of preventing your closets from becoming disorganized and overstuffed is to store away your off-season clothing. For example, leaving your cool weather coats and sweaters on hangers over the summer just allows them to take up precious space, and storing away your tank tops and t-shirts can make more room for cold weather items in the fall and winter.

Your partner’s clothing is mixed with yours.

As you’re getting ready to start your day, being able to find exactly what you need to get dressed can make your mornings less stressful and more efficient. One clear sign that your closet could benefit from an organization system is if you struggle to get ready quickly because your belongings get mixed up with your partner’s. By adding built-in closet organization, you can make it easier for both of you to keep your items separate and easy to locate.

At Bay Home & Window, our specialty is helping people organize and beautify their homes in the Bay Area using built-in furniture and closet organization systems. To learn more about our services and how we can help you with organization furniture, please give us a call today at (800) 701-4555.

Organization Solutions for Your Garage

Many people look at their garage and wonder how they can ever get it organized enough to put their car in where it belongs. Garages have become a place for storage, while the car sits outside in the hot sun. With home organization systems, though, the garage can return to its true purpose, and you can have a better-organized home.

Much of what gets stored in a garage—tools, hobby supplies, and gardening supplies—can easily be organized and stored on shelving or in cabinets. With an efficient organization system, these handy items can be out of the way but made even more accessible than before. Tools can be displayed along the walls; and sports and hiking gear can be tucked into cabinets. All of these home organization systems and more can be easily installed and still allow plenty of room for your vehicles.

If you have been looking for a Bay Area organization system for your garage, then look no further than Bay Home & Window. We will help you design and build the perfect home organization system for your garage and closets. We are available to schedule your free consultation at (800) 701-4555.

An Overview of How to Create a Custom Closet Design

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or you have some extra space to take advantage of, updating your closet can do wonders. The process of designing a new closet is not very difficult, especially when you work with an expert closet designer and builder. Continue reading for an overview of how you can create your new custom closet design.

Determine Your Needs

Before your custom closet design can be created, your closet and storage needs should be determined. Go through your current closet, and any other closets you wish to combine into one space, and make a list. Look for the items you have the most of or the items you want to be protected. For example, many women will install organization systems that also protect their jewelry.

Assess Your Space

After you have determined what is most important in your closet space, you can work with your closet designer on finding the available space. You may wish to extend your closet into another room, especially if college-aged children have moved out. Depending on your space, you may decide to reorganize your current closet space to accommodate your new design.

Find Built-In Organization Tools

There are many organizational tools and features that can be used for any of your closet needs. Built-in organization typically includes drawers, shelves, shoe organizers, clothing racks, and areas for valuables like jewelry or tie clips.

Personalize Your Closet

Part of creating a custom closet design means personalizing the closet to you. With your built-in organization, you are making the first step. Make the closet completely personal to you with your favorite color scheme, new carpeting or hardwood flooring, and making room for a few knickknacks.

Call Bay Home & Window to get started on your Bay Area closet organization systems. We specialize in creating custom closet designs, so you can get the closet you have always wanted. Please call us at (800) 701-4555 or visit us online to schedule your free consultation.

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