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Tips for Improving the Organization in Your Kid's Room

Helping kids learn how to be organized is a necessary skill that can follow them throughout their lives. With efficiently-packed closets and home organization systems, you can improve the look and feel of your kid’s room with minimal effort.

Install child-accessible storage.

You may know the exact organizational tool or set of shelves that will be perfect in your child’s room, but if he cannot reach it, then it defeats the purpose. Make sure the built-in organization or furniture you install is kid-friendly. There are many pieces of furniture and organizing tools that are made specifically for children’s shorter height and limited strength. Let your child pick out his organization furniture, so you know it is the right size for him.

Look for customizable storage.

Why not install organization systems that can be customized as your child grows? For the most part, shelves and drawers can follow your child throughout his childhood with little problems. However, consider making the shelves adjustable to accommodate his growing height. Look for erasable labels that can be changed as his storage needs change. Use an adjustable bed or bunkbed that can hold a desk within it as he grows up and begins classwork. There are many home organization systems that can be customized to your child’s changing needs.

Keep storage handy.

Keep your child’s storage nearby with headboard and bed storage. These types of organization furniture help to keep books, stuffed animals, and anything your child might need close by. Clothes can be kept in the drawers located within the bed frame for easy access. Consider using curtains instead of closet doors, and use see-through baskets and boxes for storage. There will be no problems when your child is looking for a specific toy or article of clothing.

Bay Home & Window is the place to call for your home organization systems in the Bay Area. We can help the whole family get organized with our custom closet systems. We are available online or at (800) 701-4555.

Quick Tips for Designing a Home Office

Whether you work from home full time, or are simply seeking a dedicated space to perform additional tasks, designing a home office will be a fantastic choice for your household. In order to make sure that your home office is functional, you will want to think carefully about your design. For example, by choosing built-in furniture, you will be able to create an office design that is both stylish and functional. Additionally, you will also want to shop for a desk and chair that are comfortable and durable. Finally, it is a smart idea to accent your home office design with personal touches, such as family photos.

When you are gearing up for your home office design, be sure to contact Bay Home & Window. Along with our home organization systems in the Bay Area, we also offer custom closets, interior shutters, and a variety of other products for your home office. To hear more about our terrific services, call us at (800) 701-4555.

The Advantages of Plantation Shutters

When you are shopping for new window treatments for your home, you may want to consider installing plantation shutters. Plantation shutters offer the luxury and appeal of conventional shutters, while also providing your home with additional energy efficiency. A company that specializes in interior shutters and organization systems can help you choose the right plantation shutters for your home. If you are wondering whether plantation shutters are the right choice for your needs, here is a look at some of their terrific advantages.

Versatile Style

One of the top benefits of plantation shutters is that these types of shutters come in a versatile range of styles. When you are shopping for new plantation shutters for your home, you will be able to select between a wide assortment of different woods and colors. Since plantation shutters can be customized to fit your décor, you are sure to find new shutters that match perfectly with your home’s design scheme.

Fantastic Durability

When you install planation shutters in your home, you will also enjoy the fantastic durability that these types of shutters have to offer you. Since plantation shutters are constructed from natural wood, they are built to remain in fantastic condition for many decades. With a brand new plantation shutter installation, you will be making a long lasting investment in a quality product.

Improved Efficiency

Finally, plantation shutters can also help you improve the energy efficiency of your home. After your plantation shutters have been installed, your windows will be fully insulated. As a result, your HVAC system will be able to work more efficiently and effectively. In addition, your plantation shutters will also help you control the amount of sunlight that enters your interior spaces.

With these great advantages, you may want to start shopping for new plantation shutters for your Bay Area home today. At Bay Home & Window, we can help you choose the perfect shutters for your home. To hear more about our current plantation shutter inventory, give us a call at (800) 701-4555.

How to Create an Organized Closet

Proper closet organization is a must for any family. If you have found that you have trouble locating items in your closet, you may want to take the time to reorganize and rearrange your space. For example, in order to create an organized closet, you may want to donate or sell items that you do not use. A company offering organization systems can help you arrange your closet.

At Bay Home & Window, we are thrilled to offer home organization systems and built-in furniture to our many satisfied customers in the Bay Area. Whether you are seeking a custom closet design, or are shopping for organization furniture, we will have the right solution for your needs. Call us at (800) 701-4555 to get started on your closet organization today.

How to Use Built-In Furniture to Maximize Your Space

When you are shopping for furniture solutions for a smaller space, you may want to explore the advantages of built-in furniture. Built-in furniture is designed to integrate seamlessly into the architectural design of a room. By selecting smart and functional pieces from a shop offering home organization systems, you can get the most use out of even the smallest room in your house. Here is a look at how you can use built-in furniture to maximize your space.

Create functional storage.

When you are shopping for built-in furniture for your home, you may want to select pieces that allow you to create functional storage. For example, built-in shelves will allow you to store books, clothing, or other items. A home designer that specializes in built-in furniture can help you select pieces that will allow you to clear clutter and store all of your items properly.

Choose versatile pieces.

Along with considering how your furniture will help you get organized, you may also want to shop for built-ins that have terrific versatility. For example, a murphy bed can be placed in a small spare room so that you will have extra room for guests. Since a built-in murphy bed is stored on the wall when it is not in use, this type of piece is a functional addition to any home.

Consider your design.

Finally, as you are shopping for built-in furniture that will help you maximize your space, you may want to consider the overall design scheme of your home. For example, choosing built-ins that are light and bright will provide your room with a sense of depth and spaciousness.

To start shopping for built-in furniture in the Bay Area, be sure to get in touch with Bay Home & Window. Our built-in solutions and organization systems will help you get the most out of your interior spaces. Give us a call at (800) 701-4555 to set up a consultation for your home today.

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