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    Arranging Furniture in Front of a Bay Window

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Bay windows are an interesting architectural element and can provide a great focal point for your living room. Watch this video for tips on how to arrange furniture in front of a bay window.

    A bay window is a source of natural light, and provides a view for you and your family to enjoy. You can use a few small, comfortable chairs to create an intimate sitting space in front of the window. Angle the chairs towards each other to encourage conversation, and put a small table in between them so you can rest drinks, snacks, or reading material there. You could also place the chairs facing the window when you want to just relax and enjoy the view.

    The plantation shutter experts at Bay Home & Window can help you dress up your bay windows for a classic, sophisticated look. Call us at (925) 401-3951 or visit our website to see examples of our custom shutter work. No matter what shape your windows are, we can make shutters to fit them perfectly. 

    Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Retirement is a time for you to relax and enjoy the fruits of your many years of labor. For many retirees, it’s also a time to stay active and engaged by taking on a part- or full-time job. After years of commuting and dealing with co-workers, it may be time to consider a work-at-home job. With a good home office organization system, you can be just as productive from the comfort of your own home as you could be in an off-site office. Read on to learn about potential work-at-home jobs for retirees.

    Customer Service

    In today’s business marketplace, more and more companies are relying on workers to provide excellent customer service. Thanks to technological advances, this customer service work can be done from just about anywhere with a reliable internet connection and a relatively new computer. At-home customer service representatives may take orders, answer incoming calls, troubleshoot customer problems, and chat online as well as on the phone. With so many different responsibilities, you’ll need a dedicated work space that allows you to stay organized and on top of all of your duties.

    Online Tutor

    No matter what their career was before they retired, many people enjoy work that allows them to help others during their retirement. If the idea of helping students excel in school sounds rewarding to you, consider becoming an online tutor. Tutors are needed for all subjects, including history, physics, math, science, and English. Foreign language tutors are also in high demand as the business world grows ever larger. There are online tutoring companies that can set you up with students in need, or you can set up your own tutoring service and work independently. Organization skills will be especially helpful in this position.

    Online Juror

    If you’ve always been interested in the law, consider spending some time as an online juror. You’ll participate in mock juries to give lawyers feedback on their cases. Much like regular jury duty, you cannot be a lawyer, paralegal, legal assistant, or insurance company representative to serve on an online jury.

    Bay Home & Window of San Francisco offers home office organization systems so you can work after retirement from your very own house. Call us at (925) 401-3951 to inquire about our custom organization systems for your new venture. 

    Getting Started on a Garage Organization Project

    Last updated 3 months ago

    If you’re like many homeowners, you take great care to keep the rooms in your house well-organized. Everything has its own place, and you probably spend a bit of time every week making sure your house is tidy. The garage, however, may be a different story. Many garages end up storing nearly everything besides cars, leaving your vehicle to sit outside where it is subject to the elements. Luckily, organizing your garage is simple if you have a custom storage system in place. Keep reading to learn how to get started on a garage organization project.

    Make Time

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there’s a good chance that your garage organization will take more than a day to complete, too. Instead of becoming overwhelmed at the amount you have to do, set aside a weekend or two to get the job done. Give yourself plenty of time to go through all of the boxes in the garage, especially ones you never unpacked after moving in. Ask your family to help, and consider inviting a few friends over to make the project more fun and efficient.

    style="font-size: 11px; line-height: 13px;">Start Sorting

    Books, photographs, clothes, sporting goods, and tools—they can all end up taking up valuable space in your garage. As you go through everything, sort the items into piles to be kept, to be donated or sold, and to be thrown away. If you come across items you haven’t used in two years or more, ask yourself if you really need to keep hanging onto them. Once you narrow down your belongings, it will be much easier to stay organized. You’ll even be able to fit your car into your garage again.

    Now that you have a little more room to operate, you can work with the organization experts at Bay Home & Window to plan out how you will use your space. You can still use your garage for storage, of course, and your improved organization will help you keep it clutter-free for good. Call us at (925) 401-3951 to let us help you design a completely custom and functional garage organization system.  

    How Interior Shutters Can Help You Save Energy

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Interior plantation shutters are one of the most functional additions you can make to your home. In addition to looking beautiful, plantation shutters can actually help you save energy and lower your monthly utility bills. It’s easy to control how much light gets into your home by adjusting the louvers. In warmer months, you can keep the shutters closed to stop sunlight and heat from warming up your house. Open the shutters in the winter to bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays. Interior shutters will also provide another layer of protection on your windows, keeping your home’s comfortable, climate-controlled air inside where it belongs. With less air escaping to the outdoors, you could see a savings on your energy bills.

    Bay Home & Window provides the San Francisco area with the best interior shutters and custom furniture systems. Contact us at (925) 401-3951 to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate, and find out why we have been the Bay Area’s top choice for plantation shutters and organizational furniture since 1994. 

    How Plantation Shutters Can Help Enhance Your Home

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Plantation shutters are unlike traditional shutters. They have wider louvers and many of them feature dividing rails. A beautiful window treatment like plantation shutters can instantly transform a room. They add notes of grace and sophistication to any home, creating a well-balanced feel in the overall design scheme.


    Aesthetic Appeal

    The aesthetic appeal of a set of custom made plantation shutters is undeniable. Expert installers can accurately measure your windows and create shutters to fit them precisely. You can have your plantation shutters created from your choice of materials and colors to match your existing home décor for a flawless look.


    Practical Design

    Although curtains are a perennial favorite among homeowners, the versatility and practicality of plantation shutters is unmatched. Unlike curtains, you can easily use your plantation shutters to create privacy in your home while letting in the sunlight. If you choose to have your custom made plantation shutters created with a dividing rail, for example, you can close the bottom half of the shutters for privacy while leaving the top half open.


    Increased Property Value

    In addition to the aesthetic appeal of plantation shutters, they help enhance your home by increasing its value. Unlike other types of window treatments, plantation shutters are considered to be a semi-permanent fixture. They are built specially for each window. Homebuyers often choose to retain the original plantation shutters.


    Decreased Energy Costs

    This type of window treatment is also ideal for homeowners who are environmentally conscious or simply wish to save some money on their utility bills. By opening the shutters, you can let sunlight gently warm your home.


    If you’re curious about whether plantation shutters can improve the appearance and function of your home, schedule a free design consultation today! Call the professionals of Bay Home & Window in San Francisco to discuss your window treatment needs. Contact us at (925) 401-3951 and ask us about our available products and materials. 


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