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    Different Organization Options for the Various Parts of Your Home

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Make everyday living easier and more organized with custom built-in furniture solutions for your home. With entertainment center, wall bed, laundry room, and closet organization systems, your home will benefit in terms of storage opportunities and beautiful craftsmanship. 


    Increase your usable storage space and create an amazing and organized walk-in experience with a custom-designed, built-in closet. With a closet organization system, you can combine drawers, cabinets, and hanging spaces designed to fit your wardrobe needs. All your favorite shoes, jewelry, belts, and ties can be organized in an easily reachable and visually pleasing manner.

    Entertainment Centers

    A built-in wood or laminate entertainment system provides solutions for otherwise disarrayed wires and speakers by building them into shelves, cabinets, and drawer units. The design of these units also makes it possible to readjust your available space, accommodating new additions to your home theater like an upgrade to your sound system or a new TV. In addition to their organizational benefits, built-in entertainment systems can be illuminated with LED lights for added style.

    Wall Beds

    Make any room serve a dual purpose with a wall bed. With this option, you can accommodate guests with a pull-down bed and make any room into a guest room. When not in use, a wall bed easily retracts into the wall, saving you floor space for everyday living. 

    Laundry Rooms

    Make it easier to organize and wash all your family’s laundry with cabinetry and rack systems that surround your washer and dryer. Store items above or hang pieces to the side as needed for easy organization of clean and dirty laundry with custom cabinetry and hanger systems.

    Bay Home & Window is a leading supplier of custom built-in furniture systems and installation for homeowners. For over 15 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to expert, personalized customer service. Call us today at (925) 846-3400 for more information. 

    Built-ins Boost Storage in Small Bathrooms

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Writer Lisa Frederick shares with 10 great built in ideas that Bay Home & Window wants to share with you!

    I have the world's tiniest master bathroom. Although it's plagued by a grab bag of design issues, such as brass sconces that someone inexplicably hung at chest height, my most pressing problem is storage. The skimpy cabinets and pint-size vanity top sometimes make me want to yank my hair out (especially as I blow dry it in a space the size of a breadbox).

    My current "solution" is a basket that corrals toiletries, at least when I remember to stick them back in there. But hope is on the horizon: We're planning a remodel, sooner rather than later. And though we won't be gaining square footage, I've been on the hunt for storage strategies that can help us squeeze the most from the space we do have. These 10 clever built-ins are going into the idea file.


    You can view the rest of Lisa's ideas here.

    Discover More Ways Bay Home & Window Can Improve Your Home By Visiting These Links!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A clean, organized home is a happy home. The following resources will help you clean your window treatments and prepare your guest room for company. Use these tips to improve the look and function of your home.


    Bay Home & Window helps you keep your home organized and looking great. Call (925) 846-3400 to learn more about our products and services.

    Are You Looking into Built-In Furniture?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    1. Bay Home & Window specializes exclusively in Plantation Shutters and ORG™ Custom Home Organization Solutions Built-In Systems.

    While most companies carry only a modular system with set dimensions, Bay Home & Window features ORG™ systems which is a truly custom solution. With our advanced CAD (computer aided drafting) computer systems for design, we can utilize every bit of your space to give you maximum usage of the area you want designed and an unlimited range of design possibilities. Our staff are experts in their field and can create a design to fit your needs.


    2. Bay Home & Window gives homeowners the advantage of working directly with a distributor.

    With prices well below most retail options and custom cabinetry shops, homeowners have access to the same expert design and installation team many interior design firms and major home builders use.

    3. Bay Home & Window has received the coveted BBB Honor Roll Award for eleven consecutive years.

    With installations in over 20,000 homes across Northern California, Bay Home & Window has the most renowned design and installation team in the industry.

    4. Bay Home & Window offers the widest selection of materials and construction types.

    Whether you prefer natural wood or the latest laminate technology, Bay Home & Window offers a broad choice in construction grades, materials and price points and colors.

    Essential Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Shutters

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Maintain the beautiful appearance of your shutters by giving them the proper care. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your interior shutters looking as good as the day they were installed. The following tips make it easy to clean and maintain your shutters.

    • Dust Weekly

    Even if you open and close the shutters often, dust will easily accumulate on the slats. Dusting with a clean cloth will allow you to get rid of these tiny particles and keep the window coverings looking great. When you dust your plantation shutters about once a week, you’ll see a huge difference in their overall appearance. Dusting will also keep the finish in tact so your shutters will last longer.

    • Vacuum Occasionally

    Dusting with a cloth will remove most grime, but every few weeks, you might want to use a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the hard-to-reach dirt. Gently vacuuming is a great way to maintain the original appearance of your beautiful shutters.

    • Clean Thoroughly

    When your shutters are visibly dirty, you can use warm water and a little gentle detergent to clean them. Wipe the area with a sponge dipped in the cleaning mixture to get rid of smudges and other markings. Since shutters come in wood, polycore, vinyl, MDF, and hybrid composites, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning to avoid warping or damaging the slats. Before you use any kind of cleaning solution, ask the shutter experts about the best way to clean the material your shutters are made of.


    At Bay Home & Window, you can find your ideal shutters at 20-30% lower than retail prices. We also have custom closet systems to keep your house organized and free of clutter. If you are ready to upgrade your window treatments, we can help. Visit our website or call (925) 846-3400 to learn more about our services for San Francisco residents.

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